How to Have a Fantastic Staycation
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How to Have a Fantastic Staycation


Family hike

Make Your Staycation Special

Dorothy had it right when she said, "There's no place like home"—especially in these times of high gas prices and tight family budgets. Enter the "staycation," a new kind of getaway that's redefining what a vacation is. Families everywhere are getting into the act, says dad Paul Tocknell, who with his wife, Holly, created Staycation Ideas, a site where families share ideas for family adventures close to home. The idea isn't to stay home and do nothing but rather to have a new family adventure without the long hours of road or plane travel. Can't think of anything to do? You'll be amazed at the possibilities, from exploring a labyrinth or making your own to visiting a nearby small-town festival. Read on for more.

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