Top Derm Advice for Dry Skin Issues
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Top Derm Advice for Dry Skin Issues


Woman scrubbing feet
"My Feet Scare Me at This Time of Year"

"My heels get dry and cracked. At home I slather them with petroleum jelly and wear socks. It helps a little, but not completely."
-Vicki Fisher, Lincoln, Nebraska

The Rx: Heels are a toughie year-round but when the temperature and humidity drop, they're even harder to keep smooth. "The old-Vaseline-and-socks trick softens your skin and prevents water loss, but it doesn't remove the buildup of dead cells," says Dr. Kauvar. For that you need to get regular pedicures and use a cream with urea or lactic acid (try Theraplex FT Exfoliating Emollient, $21).

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