The Thinking Woman's Guide to Cleavage
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The Thinking Woman's Guide to Cleavage


Warners Elements of Bliss Bra

Boob Etiquette, Explained

Ah, boobs. We love them, right? They're the most obviously feminine thing about us. They feed our babies. And, of course, they're a major pleasure zone. Whether they're barely an A or a voluptuous DD, breasts are pretty spectacular...except when they're not. After all, with great boobs comes great responsibility. First, there's the manner of cleavage etiquette. How much do you show and when? And now that so many of us are pretty curvy -- the average bra size in the United States is 36DD -- aren't our breasts going to be noticeable no matter what we wear? Then you've got your tech support issues to deal with: finding the dream bra that fits and flatters, guarding against wardrobe malfunctions, fighting the inevitable sagging. It's enough to make you wish you had some sort of maintenance and troubleshooting guide to breast management. Good news: You do now!