The Thinking Woman's Guide to Cleavage
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The Thinking Woman's Guide to Cleavage


Woman putting on bra

When my son was in first grade I often volunteered in his classroom. I was grading tests there one day while the kids were at lunch when I happened to drop my pen. As I bent down to get it, I was shocked to discover I could see all the way down my shirt. I quickly pressed the neckline to my chest as I sat up -- but my son's male teacher had already gotten a nice eyeful! He still gives me a big smile whenever he sees me at school.
- Debra F.

I went bodysurfing in Hawaii in a strapless one-piece bathing suit. When I got back to shore, I felt so exhilarated that I threw my arms over my head and jumped around. When people started applauding, I thought it was because I'd surfed beautifully, but no -- my suit had fallen down and the girls were waving to everyone.
- Cindy K.

I had to give a speech at an awards luncheon in front of about 70 people. As I was walking to the podium, one of my gel push-up pads fell out of my bra. I picked it up, turned away from the audience and put it back in place. When I got to the microphone, I said, "For those of you who don't know what just happened, ask someone who's laughing. Those things are expensive. I didn't want to lose it!"
- Elizabeth M.