The Thinking Woman's Guide to Cleavage
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The Thinking Woman's Guide to Cleavage


Bedtime Look After
Let's Not Freak Out About Cleavage Wrinkles

Of course you want your breasts to look as firm and smooth as possible. But how? You could slather them in fancy décolletage creams or try one of those contraptions or pillows that supposedly prevent cleavage creases while you sleep. Or you could spend your money on something that actually works: sunscreen. "Your breasts' real enemy is the sun," says cosmetic dermatologist and LHJ Advisory Board member Tina Alster, MD. "Because the skin on your chest is so thin and delicate, the signs of sun damage appear there very early." (Remember, it's those UV rays that cause most of our wrinkles, not age.) To avoid the crepey look, cover your curves with an SPF 30 every day. Easy!