Nice Girls Do Get Tattoos
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Nice Girls Do Get Tattoos


Bonnie Lefkowitz showing her Wonder Woman tattoo

Bonnie Lefkowitz, Executive Assistant

"I work in a corporate environment, so it's a challenge to cover up my ink. I don't have to hide my tattoos but I do think some people look down on me because I have them. The story behind this one is that I'm a huge comic book fan -- I've loved Wonder Woman since I was a kid. I always said I wanted to be her when I grew up. Even though I got my first tattoo at 18 (I have eight total -- so far!), I didn't get this one until last year because I had to find an artist who was really good at portraits. I think it's perfect. It helps remind me to be like Wonder Woman every day: intelligent, strong, honest, compassionate, beautiful, and badass!