The Easier Way to Erase Wrinkles
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The Easier Way to Erase Wrinkles


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Forty may be the new 30, but try telling that to your skin. Just when you feel stronger, bolder, and more self-assured than ever before, your complexion starts acting all sluggish and needy. It's annoying, but the fact is that eating smart, exercising, and wearing sunscreen aren't enough to fend off lines and wrinkles anymore.

Your skin's outermost barrier, which helps hold in moisture, gets weaker and less effective once you pass 40. "And when skin becomes dehydrated, its natural exfoliating enzymes stop working, so you see a buildup of dead cells, and skin looks rough and dull," explains Jeannette Graf, MD, a dermatologist in Great Neck, New York. Then there's the slowdown in collagen and elastin production, which means less plumpness and more lines. In short, your skin has lost its mojo. But you can fight back. We asked derms how you can stop your skin from acting its age.