Your 5-Minute Plan to Beat Back Pain
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Your 5-Minute Plan to Beat Back Pain


Woman smiling at camera October 2013

Once upon a time I had great posture -- and, not so coincidently, no back pain. But then I got pregnant. Now, nine months later, I find myself aching and walking like Quasimodo way too often. It's no mystery why: When I'm not hunched over my computer, I'm leaning over my newborn son all day long, nursing, changing, and playing with him. Like many women, I don't have much time to exercise, so I called Brian Kotoka, a functional-training specialist in Toronto, Canada, to help me with some fast, pain-relieving moves for my back. The fix? A simple five-minute routine I can easily squeeze into my day. All I -- and you -- need to do is perform each of these moves in order for one minute once a day.