Yoga to Energize Your Body and Mind
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Yoga to Energize Your Body and Mind


Breath of fire with raised thumbs

Breath of Fire with Raised Thumbs

1. Sit comfortably.

2. Raise both arms up in a V position. Palms face forward; fingers curl, and the thumbs point in.

3. Inhale and exhale completely.

4. When all the air is exhaled, pull in your abdomen by snapping the abdominal muscle. This causes a short, forceful expulsion of air with emphasis on the exhalation, not the inhalation. One caution: If dizziness occurs, stop.

5. Repeat with a steady, quick series of exhalations.

6. Start with 20 consecutive breaths; increase to 3 sets of 20. Lower your arms and breathe normally between sets.

Benefits: Purifies and aerates the entire system, recharges and warms the body, increases the flow of oxygen, improves concentration, defines a sense of personal boundaries.