Nutrition: Eat It

Jump-start your health with nutritious (and tasty!) meals.
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Why Eat Healthy?

Imagine This... You've been known to catch a chill while standing in front of your refrigerator with the admonitions of diet gurus, yesterday's newspaper headlines, and your mother running through your head. Meals used to feel like battles. Good fats vs. bad fats. Fast food vs. slow food. Carbs: friend or foe? You had questions. Soy what? To supplement or not to supplement? And those supposedly helpful Nutrition Facts labels? They made you feel like a freshman trapped in a senior's chemistry class. Then you found that nutrition know-how could actually make food fun -- nourishing your body, easing your mind, pleasing your palate, and restoring your faith in one of the finer things in life: food, glorious food! Come and get it. You can do it!

The Payoffs

  • Health. You have a better shot at maintaining or regaining yours if you eat well-balanced, nutritious meals.
  • Happy tummy. An empty stomach can make you crabby and contentious -- but when you've got a healthy, pleasing meal in you, your entire outlook changes for the better.
  • Conflict resolution. Many of us are conflicted and confused about the way we eat -- but who needs all the guilt and anxiety the media feeds us? A little nutrition knowledge can give us the clarity we need to feel more serene.
  • Joie de vivre. Eating well is not about rules (eat your vegetables!) or deprivation (no dessert for you!). It's about satisfying both your needs and your desires -- for comfort, pleasure, and even joy.

From the book: YOU CAN DO IT!, The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls, by Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas, 2005 (Used with permission of Chronicle Books LLC, San Francisco, CA,

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