5 Quick Tips for a Happy, Healthy Halloween

By Lambeth Hochwald

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Halloween candy
Marty Baldwin

4. Be Candy Smart

There's nothing worse than running out of treats on Halloween night, says Sutton. "If your neighborhood is filled with kids, anticipate a high turnout," she says. Keep in mind that the weather and a weekend holiday may also affect how many trick-or-treaters you ave. To get the best candy deals, shop the day, she says.

When you're doing your last-minute treat shopping, keep in mind that not all candy is created equal. Try to limit the number of chewy candies (like candy corn and Skittles, which stick on the teeth longer) and hard candies and lollipops that take longest to dissolve, thus leaving sugar in the mouth longest. Better bets: plain chocolate bars, especially if they contain at least 65 percent cocoa (chocolate contains calcium, which may help protect tooth enamel). Next up: Sweet Tarts, Smarties, and Pixie Sticks, which are less damaging to your teeth than some of the other (stickier) options because they're powdery and dissolve quickly without touching the teeth. The best option of all: sugar-free gum because it neutralizes the effects of sugary snacks.

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