Easy Guacamole That Looks Fancy

There's no way I could invite guests for dinner and just wing it. But with Casual Guacamole I found a way to fake that kind of cool. With Casual Guacamole I found a way to throw a dinner party and (almost) wing it. Here's the story behind the recipe.™
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You know when you go to someone's house for dinner and they seem to have it all together? One of the hosts is mixing you a drink and asking your children about camp while the other is sipping a glass of Prosecco, tossing some sort of delicious salad and listening intently to what you are saying. And somehow, neither one of them is showing any outward sign of doing what I often feel myself doing -- which is pretending to listen intently while mostly thinking, "S%#t! I forgot to make the salad dressing!"

I very much aspire to be that kind of confident host who, when cooking for a large group of guests, can wing it without stressing. But the truth is, I've been aspiring for about 15 years now. And in those 15 years, I've discovered something about myself. I am not a wing-it kind of person. I like to have a plan. If I'm having people over for dinner, I make certain that 99 percent of what can be done ahead of time is done ahead of time.

However, I also think there's something weird and non-inclusive about walking into someone's house for dinner when everything is ready to go, right down to the cheese platter in the empty living room and the Saran-wrapped slaws that have been losing their crunch for the past two hours, all in the name of advance planning. That's why, when I'm having a lot of people over, I always make sure to leave myself one simple, no-stress recipe that I can pull together while the guests are hanging with me in the kitchen -- like this guacamole. It makes the guests feel included, for one thing, but more important, it might even give the impression that I am the type of nonchalant host who is just making it up as she goes along. Oh, this? No, I don't really have a recipe. I just kind of toss everything together and hope for the best.

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