Flea Market Christmas

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Candleholders and Organizer Tray

Cast-iron Candleholders

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Use these candleholders for a
soft glow at the dining table
or in intimate nooks throughout
your home.

These miniature cast-iron stars are actually new, treated to an acid bath to make them rust. They're tiny versions of the star-shaped bolts that were used to secure the ends of tie-rods in 19th-century buildings. Stack them and insert a small candle to decorate each place setting at your holiday table.

Organizer Tray
Tray with ornaments
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Keep yourself organized with this
artful, weathered tray.

Thanks to the popularity of the rusted look, a rusty baking pan that might otherwise have found its way to a landfill now serves a new purpose as a letter tray, a toiletries organizer, or as a container for displaying special holiday ornaments.

  • To enjoy the color and texture of the rusted look without the mess, brush loose rust and dirt off the piece with a stiff bristle brush.
  • Using a soft, clean cotton cloth, apply a coat of boiled linseed oil (from a hardware store) to the entire surface of the piece, rubbing in the oil well.
  • Let the piece sit for 24 hours, then wipe off any excess oil with a clean, lint-free cloth.
  • This treatment enriches the color of the surface and slows the rusting process so you can handle the pan without getting rust on your hands or clothing.

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