Interview with "Bakerella" Angie Dudley

Baking blogger and cake pop extraordinaire Angie Dudley shares her tips for the perfect cake pop and how she started her famous blog.
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Tell us about the Mini Banana Maple Pancake Muffins that are featured in Home Baked Comfort.

Well, it was a recipe on my blog, and I just tweaked it. It's one I did for mini chocolate chip pancake muffins. Whenever I make pancakes I'm always the last one to eat, and that's just no fun not eating together. I like the idea of being able to make a bunch at one time and you can dip them and go.

We'll get to the cake pops of course, but what is your inspiration for all of the other desserts and treats that you do on your website?

You know it's hard to say, there's not really one thing that inspires me. Obviously seasons, that gets my brain going, but I like to make cute things. For example I made some little mini pumpkin pies a couple years ago, and that was just me wanting to take a pumpkin pie and make it more portable and cute.

There's definitely a theme with the cuteness.

I do have more fun when I try to make something cute because I know it's going to make someone smile at the other end of the computer. Sometimes if I do something that's more traditional I photograph it in a way that makes it more appealing. I don't use a lot of props, I don't use a lot of dishes -- I focus on the sweets themselves.

How did you get into baking and what about it keeps you going?

I wouldn't call it baking that interested me as much as the cake decorating. I had taken a class on making basics, like frosting and cookies. It was a food stylist that taught a class, and if it weren't for her I wouldn't be doing this now. I left that class and had been introduced to a new world. I didn't stop smiling for a couple weeks. I'd baked before but I hadn't ever made anything from scratch. I had never made homemade frosting, so I didn't know how easy it was. Once I made some homemade buttercream frosting I said, "Oh my gosh, what have I been doing wrong all these years!" I just started playing at home.

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