"I Can't Get Over His Two-Year Affair"

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Her Turn, continued

"Greg had started to work longer and longer hours. He'd always have a reason for why he had to make the later train, and I never questioned it. But he also started acting strangely -- he seemed agitated, restless. Then the phone calls started -- I'd pick up and someone would hang up.

"After about three months of this, clueless me finally started to wake up. I asked Greg if there was someone else, but he denied it. When I asked if anything was wrong, he'd say no. Then one day, I was in the den, and for some reason I picked up the phone and overheard him talking to a woman. I didn't catch the exact words, but I didn't need to. I heard her voice -- and his pause when he knew I'd picked up. I knew right away that my suspicions were correct: He was cheating on me. 

"I Just Don't Know How To Feel Close Again"

"I confronted him immediately and demanded he tell me everything, which he did. The woman, Amy, worked in another department in his firm. She was a divorced, single mother with three young children. And she pursued him. Obviously, he hadn't put up too much of a fuss. The affair had been going on for two years! Greg swore that he had ended the relationship and apologized profusely, but I was furious -- and still had my doubts that the affair was truly finished.

"Tensions were high. We continued to fight; one night the argument was so intense that Greg walked out of the house and went straight to a local bar, which he never did. He got very drunk and was walking home when he tripped over a pothole and landed on his neck. It was a freak accident, and it left him paralyzed from the waist down. Miraculously, he got full movement back five months later. That period is a big blur. I had to take care of the boys and Greg, plus shuffle him back and forth to his rehab therapy sessions. The whole affair incident was placed on the back burner for a while. 

"Today, five years later, Greg walks with a limp and gets pins and needles and numbness in his leg; otherwise, he's fine. But memories of his affair still pop into my head. I know Amy still works at his company, and he admits that he talks to her occasionally, insisting that she's the one who initiates the conversations.

"Preparing for Scott's wedding had pushed our problems to the forefront. I want to be able to enjoy this time in our life, and all the other family milestones, with an open, loving heart. I want to share these experiences with my husband. I just don't know how to make us feel close again."

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