"I Can't Get Over His Two-Year Affair"

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His Turn, continued

"I grew up next door to Diane. My family life was not as bad as hers -- but it came close. I was the oldest of four, and my dad was an alcoholic who bounced from one job to another. Mom worked two jobs -- delivering papers and as a cashier at the grocery. When Dad was drunk, he was an ogre. He backhanded us a few times. I couldn't wait to grow up and leave home.

"I was offered a football scholarship, which was my ticket out. My college years, and then when Diane and I started dating and first got married, were the best times of my life. She and I had so much fun together. I think she's right about when the problems began between us. Peter gave us a lot of grief. I thought she was letting him get away with murder. She'd harangue me for being too tough on him. We just couldn't get on the same page.

"That's when I started seeing Amy. I didn't like myself when I was doing it, but I did it anyway. Then I had my accident and I realized how close I'd come to losing everything. Since I've returned to work, I've seen Amy from time to time and we talk, but there's nothing more to it. Still, she's a ghost in the room with us. Diane can't let it go.

"Now, so many wonderful things are happening to our family -- Peter's doing well, and Scott is set to marry a lovely young lady. Diane and I both know we have so much to look forward to -- retirement, grandkids. I want to get back that connection Diane and I used to have. How do I prove that to her?" 

Continued on page 5:  The Counselor's Turn


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