"We Can't Agree on Disciplining Our Kids"

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Her Turn, continued

"Though Jack and I planned to marry, things sped up when I became pregnant. Jack wanted to move closer to Boston, since his office was in the city, but I was thrilled when my mother found the perfect house for us in the suburb where she and Dad live. For me, it's been great because she often watches the kids while I'm at work.

"But that's another sore point. Jack thinks she sabotages our disciplinary efforts because she'll do things like let Max watch two cartoon shows in a row. I'm not crazy about everything she does, either, but Jack blows it out of proportion. He thinks she's domineering, but she just wants to help the people she loves. As a child, I'd go to her when I was upset; I still do. I like to talk through problems, which Jack loathes. He issues orders, then expects everyone to fall in step.

"I'm sure it would help if we could spend five minutes alone, but Jack recently got a promotion and is working longer hours than ever. Besides, at this point, I doubt we could manage five minutes without arguing."

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