"We Can't Get Pregnant"

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Her Turn, continued

"I've always wanted to be a mother as well as have a career -- and I know I can do both. I'm one of nine children in a very traditional family. My mother stayed home so, naturally, we were all much closer to her than my father. He was an alcoholic, but until my late teens, I never really knew exactly what the problem was. Dad wasn't a fall-down kind of drunk; he functioned well enough most of the time. But we all sensed that things were different at other people's houses. Mom made a lot excuses for my father -- she came from an alcoholic family herself. I think we were all a little bit afraid of him.

"I was an excellent student; school was an escape for me. There was never any question in my mind that I'd get a college degree and work in a professional capacity, though the girls in my family were never encouraged to succeed. Going away to college meant getting away from the chaos at home. I knew I wanted a career in the film industry, so after graduation I moved to Los Angeles. I fell in love with a fellow student -- we were married for five years, but grew apart and divorced amicably. Meanwhile, I started working at a movie studio, first in sales, then in promotions and marketing as I tried to find my niche.

"I met Seth at a film festival in Park City. He was working for a film company based in San Francisco and had recently divorced too. Tall and handsome, he came on pretty strong, which put me off at first. We started a long-distance romance, seeing each other every few weeks. Over time, I fell very much in love. A year after we met, Seth moved to Los Angeles. By this time, I had a good job at one of the smaller studios and I arranged for Seth to have an interview. They hired him on the spot.

"In fact, baby business aside, things have been pretty stormy at home. Sometimes, after a heated battle, we go for days without talking -- and even longer without sex. One never-ending argument is over Seth's drinking. He likes to be out late at night, which is not my style. I think he goes out drinking too often and drinks entirely too much. He's a very sociable guy -- which is what makes him such a good advertising man. But it all reminds me too much of my dad. And if I dare bring up the subject, he immediately launches into a tirade that I'm trying to control him. Just to be difficult, he tells me he'll be home at a certain time, then arrives hours later and never calls. It's so childish and it makes me livid!

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