"He Wants Sex All the Time"

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Her Turn, continued

"Sean and I put all of our energies into raising Michael, who's now 13. As our relationship improved, we expanded our family and had three more children: Steven is 11; Joseph, 8; and Emily, 3. I loved being a stay-at-home mother, and Sean was happy to be the sole breadwinner. 

"Then, before Emily was born, we suddenly fell on hard times. Sean was fired from his family's business and went to work for a pharmaceutical company, which meant taking a drastic pay cut. I got my job with the telecommunications company to bring in more money. At one point, our financial situation was so tight that the kids didn't attend birthday parties because we couldn't afford to buy gifts. The financial pressure put plenty of stress on our relationship, but it didn't do anything to slow down Sean's sex drive. 

"If anything, Sean has become more sexually adventurous, always wanting to try new positions. I give in, because even after all these years, I still feel guilty about my fling and don't feel comfortable rejecting Sean. Not to mention the fact that he has a terrible temper, and I'm afraid that he'll get really mad at me if I say no. If I make so much as a parenting decision that he doesn't support, he goes ballistic. So I try to keep the peace. 

"For instance, sometimes I buy the kids new clothes or shoes even though we don't have enough money in our account. I don't always tell Sean, but he finds out anyway when he balances the checkbook, and he explodes. Then after his tirades, he wants 'make-up sex'!

"Sean's demands and his anger are making me miserable. I'm putting on a brave face for the kids' sake, but I feel so empty in this marriage. I wish Sean and I could start our relationship over."

Continued on page 3:  His Turn


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