"He Wants Sex All the Time"

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His Turn

"She Hides Things From Me"

"In all our years together, my wife has never once complained about my sex drive. In fact, Patty always seems more than willing. If she doesn't want it, why doesn't she just say 'no'? Frankly, I think she should be flattered that I still find her just as sexy and beautiful as she was the day we met. I can't help wanting to make love with her all the time. 

"But I'm not surprised that Patty is concealing her feelings. She has a sneaky streak that drives me crazy. For example, she hides credit-card bills, hoping I won't find out how much she's spending on stuff for the kids and house. And she has a terrible habit of bouncing checks; in the past five years, Patty has cost us $1,000 in overdraft fees. Once, she even borrowed $500 from her sister to cover some bills, and never paid her back. When I found out, I was so appalled that I repaid the debt immediately. Patty has other annoying habits, too. She's chronically late and forgetful. She doesn't set limits with our kids, yet she refuses to enforce the ones I set.

"I love my wife -- I've always been drawn to her upbeat personality and humor -- but apart from our sex life, I'm not happy in this marriage, either. I'll admit that I've never completely forgiven Patty for the fling she had years ago. We haven't spoken about it since our first child was born, and I believe we were right to stay together, but it still hurts. 

"It's true that I was the one who initiated sex when we were dating. But let's make this perfectly clear: I did not physically force Patty into anything. Sure, I wanted her to say yes, but if she had refused, it would have been okay with me. That goes for all the other times, too. I may come from a strong-willed family, but I'm not a monster. 

Continued on page 4:  His Turn, continued


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