"He Wants Me to Be Donna Reed"

Drew wants to settle down and start a family. But Maxine isn't ready to put her career on the back burner. Can this marriage be saved?
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Her Turn

Dealing With a Dictator Husband

"I want a divorce. Drew can have everything -- the house, the cars, the dog. I'm in love with someone else, a man who doesn't try to make me into something I'm not -- unlike Drew, who wants me to ditch my job, have children and stay home with them. I have no intention of doing that, at least not right now. Besides, with Drew away so much, and totally unavailable when he is here, what kind of father would he make, anyway? 

"When we were engaged, Drew started looking for a house right away and told the Realtor that he wanted a place in a good school district. That surprised me -- we'd never even talked seriously about kids or schools -- but he seemed so happy that I never said anything. What keeps us going now isn't passion or romance, but decorating projects and financial planning. 

"Ever since Drew launched his own brokerage company, he's been traveling constantly, and often at the last minute. He'll call from a taxi on the way to the airport to say, 'I'm off to Minneapolis.' Then I don't hear from him for days. When he returns, he runs around to the mechanic and the dry cleaner. I'd be happy just to go for a walk with him, but he's always in a rush to get things done. 

"Yet when it comes to my own job, Drew is unsupportive. He never postpones any of his trips in order to attend my company's social functions, even though he knows they're important. He'd rather discuss adding a new deck to the house than ask me about the deals I've made. When I come home tired, he'll say something like, 'Maybe it's time to cut back on your hours -- or see what other jobs are out there.'

Continued on page 2:  Her Turn, continued


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