"He Wants Me to Be Donna Reed"

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His Turn

"I Had No Idea She Was This Unhappy"

"I can't believe Maxine cheated on me. I'm a wreck. I've bought five relationship books to figure out what went wrong and how to get her back. I honestly had no idea that Maxine was this unhappy, especially now that all our dreams are coming true: We have a nice house in a great neighborhood, solid investments and good jobs. If we work hard and save money for the next few years, when we have kids we'll be able to afford to cut back on our workload and really enjoy being with them.  

"Despite what Maxine thinks, I'm thrilled that she's doing so well in her career. I just thought that we both wanted to shift our priorities from work to family eventually. Does Maxine seriously expect to keep up this kind of pace when we do have kids? Her job is consuming her life, and I wonder if she's really as happy as she claims to be. When a deal doesn't go perfectly, she withdraws and snaps, and nothing I say makes her feel better. How can I not suggest that she think about reducing her hours or even finding another job? Somewhere along the line, you have to make compromises, and if this career isn't working for her, then why not start there? 

"I admit I'm not crazy about the nights Maxine spends out drinking with her colleagues, especially if that's what led to the affair. But I can hardly tell her what to do, when my own job requires me to travel all the time. What I do understand is how hard it is not to get wrapped up in work. When I'm home from a trip, I'm so scattered that I don't know which errands to do first. I've always felt guilty about being away so much, and I realize I haven't been a good 'corporate husband' to Maxine. But I had no idea I was literally pushing her out the door. 

"I love Maxine so much that I'll let her go if that's what she wants. But I hope she'll give me a chance to be the husband she's always wanted."

Continued on page 4:  The Counselor's Turn


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