"I'm Sick, but He Thinks It's All in My Head"

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Her Turn, continued

"When it comes to hormones, guys just don't get it! I still get heavy periods every couple of weeks, and even with the medications, I have next to no energy. But Ryan acts as if my disease is all in my head. The other day, he actually called me lazy! And when he's not doubting my disease, he's bugging me to try some half-baked remedy he found on the Internet.

"When I remember how great things were while we were dating, my heart just breaks. We met in vocational school, where I was doing dental-assistant training and Ryan was learning master carpentry. We went out to nice restaurants, socialized with friends, and saw plays and movies. And we spent a lot of time with our families. Ryan and I both adore each other's parents, and his folks and mine get along great. We were the 'golden couple' everybody envied.

"Not anymore. Ryan spends all his free time on his best friend's farm or out fishing. Whatever happened to dinner and the movies? The other night I got so lonely that I called two girlfriends and went out with them to a bar for a few hours. Ryan was at his buddy's house, and when he called me at home, the machine picked up. He panicked and called my cell phone. When he heard the music in the background, he was furious and said I had no business being out at a bar.

"When I got home, he started screaming at me about how it was pretty strange that suddenly I had the pep to stay out until all hours. He accused me of exaggerating my symptoms and using my illness as an excuse not to do things with him. He said he has researched Hashimoto's disease on the Internet and that most people 'don't give in to it.' Please! It's my body. I don't care what other people are saying on message boards. I know how I feel! We got into a horrible fight and I ended up sleeping on the couch. The next morning I called for a marriage-counseling appointment. I love Ryan, but why should I stay with a man who apparently didn't mean it when he vowed to love me in sickness and in health?"

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