"My Husband is a Sportsaholic"

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His Turn

"I'll Never Be Able to Please Her"

"I can't stand living with Meryl any more than she can stand living with me," said Bob, 45, a broad-shouldered man with sandy hair. "I feel like the janitor: I'm constantly running out for supplies, taking out the trash, doing the laundry. And she focuses on the fact that I left one dish in the sink or a baby bottle on the couch? Give me a break. Ever since the kids were born, she's been angry and nasty. Where is the playful, energetic, enthusiastic person I fell in love with? 

"Frankly, if Meryl would just stop haranguing me, our lives would be pretty darn good. I'm sick of her complaints. So I love sports; is that a crime? I know she's strung out and tired--so am I. That's no reason to explode in a childish temper tantrum. Last week, she even threw my wedding band at me because I fell asleep when she wanted to talk.

"I'll never be able to please Meryl. She's so needy, and she drones on incessantly, saying the same things over and over again. I listen as best I can, but she says the same things over and over. She used to be so independent; now she's so clingy I want to jump out of my skin. 

"She's incredibly bossy, too. I know she's memorized half a dozen parenting books. Does that mean I'm not entitled to an opinion? Her latest crusade is that the boys are being overstimulated by the TV. Well, until she shows me the research on this, if I'm home folding laundry and watching two 7-month-olds, I'm going to flip on a basketball game.

Continued on page 4:  His Turn, continued


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