"She Loves the Dog More Than Me"

With their marriage in trouble, Ted and Robin didn't know what to do. On a whim, they thought that maybe, just maybe, they had an answer - a cute furry little answer that just might solve their problems. But they were wrong.
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Robin: I know this sounds ridiculous, but Ted and I fight constantly about our dog. We've only been married for a year and a half, but Penelope has become the focus of constant arguments: how to discipline her, what she should eat and how often... The bottom line is, Ted and I rarely talk, rarely make love and rarely have fun anymore.

Ted: I am jealous of that dog. Robin always puts the dog's needs ahead of mine. When she gets home at night, she rushes in to kiss Penelope. If we're watching TV on the couch, Penelope wheedles her way between us.

Robin: The first night we had her, we put her in the cage at bedtime, but she yowled pitifully. I couldn't bear to listen, so I picked her up and brought her into our bed. In the morning, just as Ted was stirring, I put her back in the crate.

I did that every night for two weeks. When Ted found out, he was furious. We didn't have sex for months as long as Penelope was in the bedroom. But whenever I put her outside, she wailed at the door. I thought he was being so immature to deprive me of sex because of the dog.

Ted: It's absolutely ridiculous to have the dog in bed with us. It's a dog!

Robin: I can't figure out how things became so complicated, but we can't go on like this.

Will Penelope break up their marriage? Who will end up in the dog house? Will Robin choose her puppy over her hubby? Can this marriage be saved?

Continued on page 2:  The Real Problem


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