She's a Total Workaholic and It's Ruining Our Marriage

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The Big Picture

Meg: John's really not seeing the big picture here. He's constantly on my case about my job. Sure, my schedule is insane: I work 70 hours a week to meet brutal deadlines and please impossible clients. My department lost half its staff in the past three years, so I'm doing the work of five people, and I have to stay late, finish projects at home, and take client calls on weekends.

John does most of the parenting and chores, which is great, but he never lets me hear the end of it. It's true that I love doing PR work and I'm proud of what I've accomplished in my career. But believe me, I'd rather drive Alex and Kim to their activities and do laundry than be stuck at the office until 8 p.m., redoing a project for the 15th time because a client keeps changing his mind. I want to be more involved in everything at home, but -- this is the part that John's not getting -- I can't cut my hours while he's collecting cashmere sweaters and vintage wine. I love John, but he doesn't take me seriously when I bring up quitting, and I'm tired of it, plus I'm worn out from fighting. My job is killing me and hurting our family. Something's got to give.

John: For all Meg's whining, you'd think she'd at least update her résumé and start networking. But she's done nothing. Meg has two options: Stay in the job and suck it up. Or do something about it! I'm not big on counseling, but maybe a therapist can talk some sense into Meg -- and help us get the family life we waited so long to have.

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