Sex and the Single Mom

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Why Singles' Sex Is Better

Q. Do you believe single moms have better self-esteem and sex-esteem than a childless woman? Why or why not?
Absolutely. I cite a study in my book which was conducted by the staff psychologists at the dating site which was very extensive. I believe they surveyed thousands and thousands of single, childless women and an equal number of single mothers. They found that the single moms were more sexually confident, more open and affectionate, and felt better about themselves as lovers than childless women. Some may find this surprising, but it makes sense to me. Moms have to possess great listening skills. They have to be patient, affectionate, giving, and open in order to be successful parents. All those skills come into play in the bedroom and can enhance a woman's self- and sex-esteem tremendously. Also, since single moms don't have a live-in partner ready, willing, and able to have sex whenever they want to, they tend to appreciate sex and sexuality more than other women.


Q. How can we as women change the negative stereotype imposed upon single moms?
It starts with single moms themselves. No one is going to do it for us, that's for sure. I would like to see more political organizations of single moms and single parents in general, because even though this is a HUGE demographic in America and around the world -- and is growing faster than any other family type -- we are all ignored by politicians who have the power to make our lives better through family-focused legislation and policies. Single parents need to speak up more. I also think the media, television, and entertainment industries need to wake up and smell the coffee and stop portraying single moms as ignorant sluts -- or worse. This group has plenty of spending power and would like to see themselves represented more accurately -- as the smart, involved, caring parents and people that they are.

Q. Do you think being a mother makes a woman better in bed?
I do, for the reasons cited above. Plus, being pregnant and giving birth, and all that it entails, makes women so much more attuned to their own bodies -- what gives them pleasure, etc. In general, just having experienced birth makes you more open-minded, more willing to experiment, which makes you a better lover.

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