Horoscopes: Are You Compatible?

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Gemini Girl

Geminis are the life of the party -- smart, funny, outgoing. You love to do it all, so you have a tendency to do too many things at once -- and that can diffuse your energy. You need a guy who is exciting enough to keep your attention, someone who will give you the freedom to be yourself and not be jealous when you are innocently chatting with others. Turnoffs in a guy: moody, sentimental, and possessive.

Dos and Don'ts: You come across as fickle because your mind and heart are often at odds. Instead of acting on impulse, try to understand both your intellect and feelings. At the first sign of trouble, don't cut your relationship short. One problem doesn't mean it's over. Take some time before closing the door.

Your Best and Worst Matches

You and an Aries Guy: Wild and crazy partner in crime. You two have so much fun together, you never stop going and going!

You and a Taurus Guy: Obstinate, slow-moving, and possessive. Are there three traits that you hate more? Doubt it. The end.

You and a Gemini Guy: Best short and sweet. Gemini twins make great friends and sweethearts, but the huge fickleness factor would make it hard to keep this consistent.

You and a Cancer Guy: He's an emotional basket case. You like to keep things light and airy, but brooding is his middle name. When you need a good friend, call him.

You and a Leo Guy: Great date, great name-dropping. This guy is charming and popular, basically everything you want in a man. You just can't be wittier than him or he'll feel like you're stealing his thunder!

You and a Virgo Guy: He analyzes and criticizes. Virgos need to think a lot before taking action; he finds faults, too. Spontaneous Gemini can't handle it.

You and a Libra Guy: Ooh-la-la! This fellow air sign is the epitome of social grace. You couldn't ask for a more evenly matched partnership.

You and a Scorpio Guy: Run, run away, Gemini girl. This intense and secretive guy will try to own you. That's exactly what these creatures like to do.

You and a Sagittarius Guy: Best guy to flirt with. You'll have a great time, but flirting might be all you'll do. Geminis and Sags are two signs that get easily distracted.

You and a Capricorn Guy: Yuck! Traditionally serious, closed-minded, and tight-fisted. They have no fun, nothing to say, and don't want to spend all their money on you. Enough said.

You and an Aquarius Guy: Your love equal. You both are so up on everything: the latest technologies, politics, the economy. You'll always have stuff to talk about.

You and a Pisces Guy: Mama's boys need not apply. Here is one compassionate and sensitive guy -- but face it, you hate quiet, sensitive guys!

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