The 20 Rules of Dating for Grown-Ups

We've had to learn them the hard way -- and some of them, we're still learning.
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Rules to Date By

1. That dashing sport who pursues you with wild romantic gestures has probably pursued other women with those same gestures in the past -- and will probably do so in the future, perhaps even while he's using them on you.

2. When a man tells you he wants a woman who has "her own interests," that means he wants you not to complain when he golfs twice a week.

3. The little tics of his that bother you at the beginning either become instantly unimportant once you fall in love -- or bug you more each day until you want to blow your brains out.

4. It's not always better to start off a relationship with super sex: The hotter it is at the beginning, the more disappointing the inevitable leveling-off.

5. How much he makes you laugh is more important than how much he makes -- or even how much he makes you happy in bed.

6. Personal hygiene is very, very important.

7. The two questions you should ask early in a relationship are, "How young a woman would you date if you could?" and, "Would you choose a woman with breast implants over a woman with small breasts all her own?"

8. If a man tells you he "loves really smart women," check out how he reacts when it's you all the people at the dinner party are listening to raptly.

9. The most romantic words a man can say are, "I can't wait to hear what you think about this."

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