The 20 Rules of Dating for Grown-Ups

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10. The most romantic words a woman can say are, "Just lie back and relax."

11. Sex on a beach only sounds romantic; the older you get, the more sand doesn't mix with your anatomy.

12. Just because a man is making passionate love to you every night doesn't mean he isn't cheating on you.

13. The man you thought was "too nice" to date in your 20s will look shockingly good at your college reunion.

14. "Bad boys" turn into bad men with drug and alcohol problems.

15. A man who is over 40 and says he "just hasn't found the right woman yet" isn't ever going to find that woman.

16. The eternal relationship dilemma is not "Do you love me?" but "How much togetherness is too much -- or not enough?"

17. If you fall in love with a divorced man whose marriage was terrible, you'll always look better by comparison.

18. Even the most resentful stepchildren eventually grow up and move out.

19. Being single is preferable to being lonely in a relationship.

20. Other couples' relationships, which may look enviously romantic from the outside, are, behind closed doors, probably just as screwed up as yours.


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