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The Macho Mind

The Macho Mind is a man who places men first, including male friendships, opinions, and activities. These men consider women more as sex objects than as life partners. He prefers spending time on the golf course with his buddies versus taking you away for a romantic weekend. You know these men. They will hang out with the guys over you any day. They place a greater value on hunting, playing poker, and watching football with the gang versus spending quality time with you. Macho Minds don't have female friends so they don't know what they are missing. So when you ask a guy, "What do you like to do for fun?" on a first date, watch for the clues in their answer to see if they have Macho Mind tendencies.

In addition, Macho Mind men don't get that when they are out with you they are not supposed to be checking out other women. A great red flag for Macho Minds is that even on the first date their eyes will be wandering to the other women in the room. He should be focused on learning about you versus staring at other women. I don't care if he is cute. If he does not give you his full attention on the first date, forget about him!

While I don't believe couples should have to share every activity and do think that each person should have their own friends, what's wrong with the Macho Mind is the attitude. These guys don't value women or their opinions or ideas, in fact, they don't even like being with women. I briefly dated a Macho Mind who told me, "I really value my male friends because we are going through many of the same things and we can talk about our careers." Excuse me? Don't women have careers these days? Valuing a female's opinion is not part of the Macho Mindset. What are these guys thinking? We are in the 21st century and to think that some men don't value what a woman thinks is mind-boggling and scary. You want to find someone who wants to hear your input on important decisions. Why waste time with Macho Minds?

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