Bird Costume

This pretty bird has feathers and wings. Give her a treat and see if she sings.
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Headpiece What You Need:

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Fly high with this birdy tiara.

  • Foil garland
  • Headband
  • Silver chenille stick


1. Cut a foil garland into 8-to 10-inch lengths.

2. Starting in the middle of a headband, twist a silver chenille stick around the band.

3. On each side of the chenille stick, twist a length of the garland.

4. Alternate chenille sticks and garland along the headband.

5. Curl the ends of the garlands and chenille sticks by twisting them around a pencil.

Skirt What You Need:

  • Skirt
  • Ribbon
  • Feathers
  • Light and Dark Organza
  • Glue


1. Cut 1-inch ribbon into two 1-yard lengths. Cut forty 8-to-12-inch lengths of narrow ribbon or yarn.

2. Glue a feather or attach a bell to each length of narrow ribbon.

3. Cut a 42-inch square from dark organza and a 34-inch square from light organza.

4. Starting in the middle of one outside edge of each square, cut a T for the waist and the back opening of the skirt.

5. Place one square of fabric on top of the other, aligning the waists.

6. Let the glue dry.

7. Glue feathers around the top edge of the waist, with the feathery ends pointing toward the bottom of the skirt. Glue wide ribbon across the quills, centering the length at the center. Glue feathers around all skirt edges.

Wing Cape What You Need:

  • Cape
  • Ribbon
  • Feathers
  • Light and Dark Organza
  • Glue


1. Lay out two pieces of organza, one on top of the other.

2. Cut the top piece 7 inches shorter than the bottom.

3. Turn over the top edge of the double layer about 3 inches.

4. Put two lines of glue about 1-1/2 inches apart along the length of the fabric, and fold the fabric onto the glue.

5. Run ribbon through it.

6. Glue feathers along the bottom.

7. Find the center bottom, and cut up the center to within 1/2 inch of the ribbon casing. This creates two "wings."

8. Glue the two fabric layers together at the outside edges of each wing; then glue feathers onto those edges. Gather the top edge of the cape, and glue it firmly.


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