Bloomin' Egg Family

Now here's a funny and fragile family. With hair made of tiny plants, this trio is sure to bring smiles to your family!
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What You Need:

Create an egg family.

  • 3 eggs
  • Paring knife or sharp pointed object
  • 1-1/4-inch-diameter wrapping-paper tube
  • Ruler
  • Construction paper in yellow, turquoise, blue, black, white, and orange
  • Scissors, including decorative-edged scissors, if available
  • Crafts glue
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • 3-1/2-inch-long strand of pearl beads
  • Two 1/2-inch-diameter buttons
  • Black ultra-fine-point permanent marker
  • Red marker
  • Tiny plants


1. Download the free patterns for this project. (Downloading requires free Adobe Acrobat software.)


Step 2.

2. Wash the eggs in warm soapy water, rinse, and let dry. Poke a hole in the narrow end of each egg using the knife or a pointed object. You should ask a grown-up for a helping hand with this. Enlarge the hole until a finger will fit through.

Step 3.

3. Using your fingers, carefully pinch off small pieces of shell around the hole, enlarging it until it is a little bigger than a quarter. Pour out the egg, rinse the shells, and set them aside to dry.

Step 4.

4. Cut the paper tube into a 2-inch-long tube for the father and 1-5/8-inch-long tubes for the mother and the child. Cut a 2x4-1/4-inch black paper rectangle for the father, a 1-5/8x4-1/4-inch turquoise paper rectangle for the mother, and a 1-5/8x4-1/4-inch yellow paper rectangle for the child. Wrap the paper around the tube and glue the overlapping edge in place.

5. Trace the father's bow tie and collar from the patterns onto tracing paper and cut them out. Trace around and cut the collar from white paper and the bow tie from orange paper. Glue the collar around the black tube just below the top edge. Glue the bow tie to the front of the collar.

6. Cut a 1/2x4-1/4-inch strip of yellow paper. Trim one long edge with the decorative-edged scissors to make a scallop-edged collar. Glue the collar around the top edge of the turquoise tube. Glue the beads to the turquoise tube at the top edge to look like a necklace.

7. Cut three 1/8x4-1/4-inch strips of blue paper. Glue them around the yellow tube to make stripes. Glue the buttons down the front.

Step 8.

8. Use a pencil to draw faces on each of the eggs, with the open end up. If you aren't feeling artistic today, use our patterns for inspiration and guidance. Go over the pencil lines using the black marker. Make the lips and rosy cheeks using the red marker.

9. Glue each of the eggs to its decorated tube. Fill the decorated eggs with dirt and plant with tiny plants.


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