Bunny Dough

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Shaping the Bunnies

Household tools like a garlic press
add interesting effects.

5. Make standing bunnies. Dab a little water on the smaller pieces to make them stick to the larger cutout shape.

6. Press one ball of dough (about the size of a dime) in place for the tail. Press a larger ball in place for the hind leg. Take a 1-inch piece of the dough and roll it between your palms into a rope shape; apply it to the hind leg to form the back foot. Dip your fingers into water and smooth the leg and foot together.

7. Add red food coloring to the dough to make light pink. Make a tiny ball for the nose. Roll small rope shapes for the inner ear. Flatten and press them in place. Use a blunt-end kitchen knife to make marks in the paws and tail. Press in place a small black bead for the eye and two 3-inch pieces of clear fishing line for the whiskers.

8. Color a portion of the dough green. Push the green dough through the garlic press. Apply to the lower edge of the bunny.

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