Cheap Summer Fun for the Whole Family!

By Lambeth Hochwald

Try these 24 Motherboard-Mom tested ways to have a blast this summer and save money too.

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woman grilling
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Host a Backyard 'Iron Chef' Challenge

Take a cue from a show that's popular with foodies! It's easy—and loads of fun—to throw your own Iron Chef contest. Simply invite friends over and challenge some of them to (along with you) use five ingredients from the fridge or pantry to prepare a dish within a set time, says Diane Henderiks, R.D., a personal chef, culinary nutritionist and educator, and mom of two. You might even want to have your teams wear different-colored aprons. Invite your other guests to fill out rating cards, and announce the winner with much fanfare. You might want to even have prizes. Or, "The chef who makes the best-tasting dish doesn't have to clean up!" says Henderiks. Win or lose, you'll have a great time and a delicious meal—and it won't cost any more than your usual BBQ.

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