Chucky the Chick Pinata

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Final Preparations

10. Cut the tissue paper into squares that are about 2x2 inches square. It doesn't matter if these are cut perfectly. The size can vary a little. You will need a lot of these squares (at least 100), so cut several of them at once. With good scissors, you can layer at least five or six pieces of tissue paper at a time and cut through all of the layers.

Step 11.

11. Mark a 3-inch circle where you painted the black paint. You will not cover this part, because the beak will go here when you are done. Also, leave an area without tissue paper at the bottom of the bird where the tape is (about a 3-inch circle), so you can glue the feet to the bottom of the bird.

Step 12.

12. You are now ready to cover your pinata with tissue squares. To make your fluffy tissue feathers, put some glue on a disposable plate. Using the eraser end of the pencil, wrap a tissue square around the pencil and dip it into the glue. Put the pencil with the tissue and glue onto the pinata. Do this again and again (and again!), placing the little pieces close together. It will take a lot of time to cover the whole balloon. Remember to leave the spots for the beak and feet.

Final steps.

13. Trace the beak and feet patterns onto typing paper and cut out. Lay these patterns onto the orange paper and cut out two feet and two beak pieces.

14. Fold the beak pieces as marked on the pattern. Glue the beak pieces on the pinata on the black paint that you left without tissue paper. Glue the feet to the bottom of the bird where you left a spot. Glue some feathers on top of his head in between some of the tissue.


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