Gift Bags for Hanukkah

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2. To make the embossing template, enlarge the patterns to the desired size. Transfer the designs to matboard and cut out the pieces with a crafts knife. Cut a backing piece from matboard and transfer the design pieces to the backing board. Glue the pieces in place and let the glue dry overnight. For the spiral, coil the wire as shown and glue it to a backing board. Dilute the glue with water and brush it over the embossing template to create a smooth surface.

3. Mark an 11-x-5-inch rectangle on the velvet with chalk or a fabric marker. Fold the fabric in half crosswise to make a 5-1/2-x-5-inch rectangle. Mark the fold line but do not crease it.

4. To emboss the fabric, place the template face up on an ironing board. If your ironing board is heavily padded, place a board over it so the surface is firm. Place the velvet, fuzzy side down, on top of the template, centering the design on one half of the fabric rectangle and positioning the top of the design toward the short end of the rectangle. Lightly mist the wrong side of the fabric with water.

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