Gift Bags for Hanukkah

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5. With the iron set on high and no steam, place the iron over the design. Avoid placing the iron's vent holes over the design. Do not slide the iron. Leave it in place for 20 to 30 seconds, applying slight pressure.

6. Remove the iron and carefully peel back one corner of the fabric to check the design. If the motif does not appear flat and shiny, lower the fabric back over the template and press again. Remove the velvet from the template and allow it to cool.

7. To assemble the bag, cut out the 11-x-5-inch rectangle. If the embossed pattern is not centered on one half of the fabric, adjust the cutting lines. Make 3/8-inch casings in the top (short) edges. Fold the bag in half, right sides facing. Sew from the bottom of the casing lines to the bottom of the bag along each side using 3/8-inch seam allowances.

8. Cut the cording in half. Thread one cord through one casing, fold it back on itself, and go back through the other casing. Knot the ends. Repeat for the other cord, going in the opposite direction. Turn the bag right side out. Fill with chocolate coins (gelt) or other small gifts.

NOTE: Star and dreidel are full size. Reverse the dreidel pattern to transfer to matboard so the stamp is a mirror image of the finished design.

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