Holiday Crafts: The Pleasure of Pumpkins

By Kieran DiTullio

Create jack-o'-lanterns that will entertain and dazzle with these easy, elegant projects.

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Boo-tiful Bat Pumpkins
Aimee Herring

Boo-tiful Bat Pumpkins

We used white Lumina pumpkins for this project, but you can use whichever pumpkin variety you like.

1. Cut a circle out of the bottom of the pumpkin large enough so a spoon can fit inside to dig out the pulp. Hollow out the pumpkin.

2. Trace a bat shape onto a piece of paper, or draw one freehand, and then use that as a template to trace the shape onto black felt (go to for a bat template). Cut out the shape and set aside.

3. Use a china marker to draw a moon or tree shape on the pumpkin and cut it out with a carving saw. Position a felt bat on the pumpkin (we placed ours so it partially overlapped the cut-out design) and adhere with craft glue.

4. Place a lit votive on a plate and lower the pumpkin over it.

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