Holiday Crafts: The Pleasure of Pumpkins

By Kieran DiTullio

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Stylish Stenciled Pumpkins
Aimee Herring

Stylish Stenciled Pumpkins

Uncut pumpkins don't spoil as quickly as those that are carved, so you can display these beauties for weeks.

1. You can use either a painted or unpainted pumpkin to stencil on. If you choose to paint your pumpkin, allow the base coat to dry completely before you start stenciling.

2. Choose your stencils -- we used ones from the Stencil Library's exquisite collection, as well as some makeshift stencils we fashioned from inexpensive paper doilies.

3. Visually map out your desired pattern and adhere the stencil to the pumpkin with double-stick tape. Dab a light coat of paint with a small brush over the stencil (don't overdo the amount of paint on the brush -- you can always go back and touch up the edges of the design if you need to). Allow paint to dry before removing the stencil.

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