Leaf-Laden Pots

Perfect seasonal show-offs, these terra-cotta pots shimmer with vivid colors.
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What You Need:
Leaf Laden Pots
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These pots aren't just for plants.

  • Leaves
  • Heavy book, if needed
  • Terra-cotta flowerpot and base
  • Gold enamel spray paint
  • Rubber cement
  • Burgundy, purple, or other desired colors of spray paint


1. Choose leaves with interesting shapes. Be sure the leaves will fit on the terra-cotta pot. To flatten leaves, place them under a heavy book until they become flat (but are still flexible).

2. Paint the flowerpot and base. Wash and dry the pot and base. Then spray two light and even coats of gold spray enamel on the outside and inside of the pot and the base. Let the paint dry.

Leaf Laden Pots
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Step 3

3. Attach the leaves to the pot. Brush rubber cement on one side of the leaves. Let dry. Brush on a second coat. Let it dry to a tacky, but not wet, stage. Position leaves onto the pot to create desired pattern. It can be all around the pot, or you may want the design in only one area.

Leaf Laden Pots
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Step 4

4. Add the second color. Spray a light coat of the desired paint color over the entire pot. Spray a second light coat if necessary. Let the paint dry.

5. Peel off the leaves. Rub off any remaining rubber cement from the pot.


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