Mosaic Pot

Give that special person a colorful pot made with personal items.
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The Basics

Sentimental items take on new forms on
this pot.

Look for mosaic pieces almost everywhere: broken porcelain china, dime-store rejects, an old box in the attic, scraps from a tile manufacturer, flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales -- all have the potential to yield precious makings of a mosaic project. Look beyond porcelain to marbles, costume jewelry, pieces of colored glass, buttons, seashells, and coins as material for this project.

Before you start:

If your mosaic-pieces-to-be remain in full plate form, put on protective eyewear and lay a cloth over the item. Tap the item firmly with a hammer to break it. The size of the shards you need depends on personal taste and the size of the project -- bigger surfaces require bigger pieces. In general, pieces should range from half-dollar to nickel size. For more control over the breaking process (for example, to preserve a particular design element), use tile nippers instead.

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