Party Clothes for Tables

Set the tone for a lighthearted occasion with streamers on the tablecloth, ribbon-bedecked plates, a napkin rose blooming at each place, and a glittery centerpiece.
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Streamer Tablecloth

The streamers shown here are floor-length and spaced closely together, which works best on a serving table.

What You Need:

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Make streamers in any colors.

  • Washable fabric in a solid color (see Step 1 to measure amount needed)
  • Thread to match tablecloth fabric
  • Fabric in mixed seasonal colors and patterns as desired (see step 2 to measure amount needed)
  • Tape measure
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat (or yardstick and fabric marking pen)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine with zigzag stitch, or serger
  • Large crochet hook

Detail: Holiday Tabletop with Stars
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You can make streamers
long or short.

1. Measure fabric needed for the tablecloth. Measure the diameter (for a round table) or the length and width (for a rectangular table) of your tabletop. Add 10 inches to the diameter (or 10 inches to both the length and the width); this will be the size of the solid portion of the tablecloth. Use 60-inch-wide fabric, or piece together fabric to make a piece large enough.

2. Measure fabric needed for streamers. The amount of fabric needed will vary based on the width of the fabric used, the length of the streamers, and how closely you space them. To make floor-length streamers like the ones pictured here, we used 52-inch-long strips. If cut on the bias, 1-1/2 yards of 45-inch-wide fabric makes 8-10 (52-inch-long) strips. You'll need 8-10 strips for each 1 foot of tablecloth edge if you distance them as shown, 1-1/4 inches apart. Place the tablecloth on table, then measure the distance from the edge of the tablecloth to the floor (or to the length you want the streamers to hang to). Double that number and add 4-6 inches for the knot, and cut streamers to that length.

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Step 3.

3. Cut streamers. Use a rotary cutter and a cutting mat to cut a 2- to 3-inch-wide strip of fabric on the bias for each streamer (see photo). Or mark cutting lines with a yardstick and fabric pencil, then cut with scissors.

4. Finish tablecloth edges. Zigag or serge around the edge of the tablecloth; turn under 1-1/2 inch, and press a hem.

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Step 5.

5. Insert streamers. Cut a 3/4-inch slit in hem, through both layers of fabric (see photo).

Enlarge Image

Step 5, continued.

Use a large crochet hook to pull the end of one strip of streamer fabric through the cut hole (see photo). Pull the strip so the ends are almost equal. Repeat at 1-1/4 inch intervals all around the edge of the tablecloth.

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Step 6.

6. Tie streamers. Tie an overhand knot in each strip, knotting each streamer with exactly the same motions for a uniform appearance (see photo).

More Ideas:

  • Shorter streamers might make sense if you plan to sit at the table frequently. Cut fabric strips about 24 inches long; this will result in a knotted length 8-12 inches below the edge of the tablecloth.
  • Space the strips farther apart for a fluttery appearance that doesn't require as much fabric.
  • Make a basic tablecloth using off-white or neutral colors. Add extra strips in different colors, changing them for various holidays throughout the year.

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