Pretty Patterned Pumpkins

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Wire-wrapped Pumpkin

Colorful plastic-coated wires seem to grow on the miniature pumpkin. Holes poked in the pumpkin anchor the vertical wires and separate wires twist around the stem.

What You Need:

  • Ice pick
  • Miniature pumpkin
  • Plastic-coated wire in desired colors
  • Old scissors


1. Poke holes for wires. Using an ice pick, poke tiny holes at the top of each pumpkin crevice around the stem. Repeat on the bottom of the pumpkin.

2. Insert wires. Cut lengths of wire to reach from a top hole to a bottom hole, adding 2 inches. Bend over 1 inch at the end of a wire length. Push the short folded-over end into a hole at the top of the pumpkin. Gently pull the wire down the crevice of the pumpkin and firmly push the remaining wire end into the hole at the bottom. Repeat for each set of holes.

3. Add decorative top. Cut a 3-inch piece of each color of wire. Twist together at one end. Wrap around stem as desired.


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