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All Eyelets on You

Perfect for a harvest holiday when paired with raffia ties, these metal-ring slipcovers could also set a sleek and modern look done in silver fabric and white ribbon.

What You Need:

(For each slipcover)

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Set the mood with special seating.

  • Fabric (see Step 1 to determine yardage)
  • Tape measure
  • 3/4-inch-wide paper-backed fusible web tape (optional)
  • Extra-large eyelet kit, containing anvil, tool, eight eyelets, and eight washers (the eyelets have a 7/8-inch-diameter opening)
  • Hammer
  • Raffia


1. Determine amount of fabric needed. Measure the width of the chair back, and add 3 inches for seam allowances. Measure the chair back from the bottom front, over the top, and down to the bottom back. Add 3 inches for seam allowances. Note: When purchasing fabric, allow for extra fabric to center a large overall design or to match a plaid.

2. Cut slipcover from fabric. Cut one rectangle, as measured, for each chair to be covered. If fabric has a large design or a plaid pattern, consider the placement of front and back carefully before cutting.

3. To machine-hem the slipcover: Press under 1-1/2 inches on each edge of the fabric rectangle. Open up the pressed fabric. Fold each raw edge to the pressed edge, and finger-press in place. Refold along the pressed edge, and press again with an iron, setting both folds. Miter the corners, if desired. Topstitch 1/2 inch from the outer edge all around the rectangle.

For a no-sew hem: Press under 1-1/2 inches on each edge of the fabric rectangle. Open up the pressed fabric and, following the manufacturer's instructions, place the paper-backed fusible web tape on the wrong side of the fabric along the pressed edge. Fuse the tape in place. Remove the paper backing from the tape. Trim the hem even with the fusible tape. Refold the hem and fuse.

4. Install eyelets. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install large eyelets. Gently hammer the eyelets in pairs along the side edges of the slipcover.

5. Make raffia ties. Use about six long strands of raffia for each tie. Braid together three long double strands of raffia until the tie is about 24 inches long. Knot each end, leaving 2-inch tails to create tassel-like ends. Make a total of four braided ties.

6. Tie slipcover in place. Place the slipcover over the chair back. Lace the braided ties through the eyelets and tie the ends together in overhand knots.

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