Sports Gift Wraps

For the sports fan in the family, surprise them with colorful, playful wrapping.
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What You Need:

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Captivate sports fans with this
handy wrap.

  • Wrapping paper in a team color (or make a color photo-copy of an athletic jersey)
  • Double-stick tape and glue stick
  • Long shoestrings in assorted team colors (for ribbons)
  • Sports socks
  • Sports action figures and sports cards
  • Sports whistles
  • Thin wire
  • 3-inch number stencil and two colors of paper (origami or construction paper)
  • Hole punch


1. Cover two gift boxes with wrapping paper and secure with tape.

2. For the larger box, wrap shoestrings around the box, tying the ends into a bow on top. Secure a pair of socks to the gift box bow with another shoestring, finishing it in a double-loop bow. Slip an action figure beneath the bow. Tape the toes of the socks to the box.

3. For the smaller box, wrap shoestrings around the box, and before making a bow, slip on the whistles. Tie the bow. Wire an action figure to the bow. Slip a sports card under the bow.

4. For the gift tag, trace a number stencil on colored paper. Cut out the number and adhere it with glue stick to the other colored paper.

5. Cut out the number again about 1/8-inch from the stenciled number. Punch a hole in the number. Write the recipient?s name and yours on the number. Slip it on the string and make a knot to hold it in place.


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