Spring-Fling Glassware

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Painting Tips

This cake cover will
brighten any tabletop.

  • Choose opaque, translucent, or transparent paint for the look you desire. Opaque paint gives a solid swipe of color. Translucent and transparent colors show brush strokes and allow light to shine through the paint.
  • Shake the paint before use, then experiment with different techniques. Don't worry about mistakes. You can wash off unwanted paint with a scouring pad before baking.
  • Prevent damage to the paint as you're working on the project by periodically baking the piece in the oven 30 to 40 minutes at 325 degrees F (or as the paint label directs), then continue to paint.
  • Use an acrylic artist's paintbrush to fill in the flower color. If you use translucent or transparent colors, apply two or more coats.
  • Use a medium coat of paint. Heavy coats may bubble when baked; thin coats may not withstand dishwashing. Use no more than 25 percent water to thin paints.
  • Allow adequate drying time. Don't apply a second coat too quickly; the bottom layer of paint will peel off as you paint. If this happens, remove all the paint and start over.
  • Don't paint where food will touch. Although the paint is non-toxic, paint only the underside or outside surfaces of clear glassware.
  • The painted glassware is dishwasher safe, but hand-wash it to ensure lasting color.


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