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Damask Stocking

A damask body, linen piping, upholstery-fringe cuff, and organdy roses guarantee gorgeous results. Finished size is approximately 17 inches.

What You Need:

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Ribbon roses add an elegant touch.

  • 1 yard red damask fabric
  • 1/2 yard fusible fleece
  • 1-1/2 yards of 1/4-inch-diameter cording (for piping; or use purchased piping)
  • 3/4 yard dark green fringe the desired width
  • 4 to 6 yards of 2-inch-wide red organdy ribbon (for roses)
  • 1-1/4 yards of 1-inch-wide green velvet ribbon (for leaves)
  • Thread to match fabric and ribbons


1. Download the free pattern for the two stockings in this article. (This requires Adobe Acrobat software.) Enlarge the pattern to scale by drawing a grid of 1-inch squares and copying the lines, square by square, from the pattern. Or enlarge it on a photocopier (this will require several passes).


2. Cut the damask fabric into two 1/2-yard pieces. From one of the pieces, cut and piece 2-inch-wide bias strips to cover enough cording to outline the stocking. Fold the bias strip over the cording and stitch close to the cording.

3. Cut two 13x20-inch rectangles each from the remaining piece of damask and the fleece. Pin a fleece rectangle to the wrong side of each damask rectangle, leaving 2 inches of damask exposed at one short end. This will be the top hemmed edge of the stocking. Trim excess fleece at the bottom edge. Fuse the fleece to the damask.

4. Place the fabric rectangles together, right sides facing, and pin the pattern on top, aligning the top edge of the pattern with the fleece edge at the top. Cut out the stocking front and back, adding a 1/2-inch seam to the sides and bottom. Set the pieces aside.

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Step 5

5. Fold the top raw edge of each stocking piece under 1/2 inch. Fold under again 1-1/2 inches. (See photo.)

Enlarge Image

Step 5, continued.

Stitch close to the fold. (See photo.)

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Step 6

6. Align one end of the piping with the top edge of the stocking front. Pin, then stitch the piping to the stocking front along the seam line. (See photo.) Trim away any excess piping.

Step 7

7. With the right sides facing, pin the stocking front to the stocking back along the seam line, and sew. (See photo.) Clip the curves, and turn the stocking right side out.

8. Cut a 3x6-inch strip from the damask fabric. Press under 1/2 inch on the long edges of the strip, and topstitch in place. Fold the strip in half crosswise and tack to the back of the stocking.

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Step 9

9. Pin, then sew the fringe around the upper edge of the stocking. (See photo.)

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Starting a ribbon rose

10. To make the center of the rose, wrap the organdy ribbon tightly around a pencil 12 times. (See photo.) Do not cut the ribbon.

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Taking one end

Slide the ribbon off and hand-tack one end closed.

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Making petals

To make the petals, loosely twist the ribbon tail into loops, bringing the ribbon back to the tacked center at the end of each loop. (See photo.) Tack each petal in place. Continue making petals until the roses are the desired shape and size. Tack securely and trim the end.

11. Cut the velvet ribbon into 4-inch lengths. Fold each length in half crosswise, right sides facing. Sew from one corner of the top folded edge diagonally to the center on the other side. Trim excess ribbon and turn the leaf right side out.

12. Attach decorations. Tack the leaves and roses to the cuff.


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