The Prettiest Pumpkins of All: Pumpkin and Gourd Craft Ideas

By Kieran Juska

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two stacked pumpkins with windows
Alexandra Grablewski

Pumpkin Palace

1. Choose a large and small pumpkin. Cut the stem off the large one so the smaller one rests securely on top.

2. Design a house facade, sketching windows, doors, and trim onto the pumpkins. Decide which elements will be carved all the way through and which will be partially carved -- we carved windows completely and partially carved trim and other details. Now carve your design.

3. Carve a hole in the back of each and thoroughly clean out the insides.

4. Stick several toothpicks halfway into the top of the larger pumpkin and attach the smaller pumpkin by resting it securely on the embedded toothpicks.

5. Once the pumpkins are assembled, insert small votive candles through the holes in the back.

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