100 Ways to Live Well for Less

By Josh Garskof

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Photo by Peter Ardito

The Best Money-Saving iPhone Apps

Shelling out $70 a month for your iPhone service? Then download a few apps that push your finances back in the other direction.

RedLaser ($1.99): When shopping, aim the iPhone's camera at a product's bar code and find out what other retailers -- both local stores and Web sites -- are charging for the same product.

Tip Calculator (99 cents): Key in the price of your meal and the percentage you want to leave, and it'll give you the exact tip amount. Plus it can help split a bill if you're with a group.

RepairPal (free): Ever wonder whether your car mechanic is charging you a fair price? This app gives you ballpark repair costs for any post-1990 vehicle.

GasBuddy ($2.99): This app uses the phone's GPS to give you current prices at nearby gas stations, plus directions to get there, so you can fill up for less.

Mint.COM (free): Links to your banking, loan, credit card, and investment accounts to analyze your finances -- and warns about low balances and nearing credit limits.

Yowza (free): Searches out coupons for stores within 15 miles of your current location. No need to print the results -- the clerk can scan the bar code from your phone.

CardBank (99 cents): Store your preferred-shopper cards electronically so you don't have to carry them in your wallet or on your keychain. The clerk can scan your code right from the phone's screen.

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